how download put eyes in your menu bar that follow the mouse pointer. 10.12.4

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21504 KB; Utilities; Desktop; Eyes; Equinux USA, Inc.

version 1.0 Eyes

Eyes definitely hits the bull's eye. Chose from several blinking eyes ... they'll follow what you're doing with your mouse pointer on the screen. Make eyes at your Mac. And we're sure: you'll love it! Which eyes are your favorite?It's love at first sight - Eyes. Get yours!Everybody's favorite creepy menu bar item is back - Eyes for your Mac.Choose your favorite from our nine eye-catching designs (pun intended) and watch them follow your mouse pointer across the screen.Party with your mouse like it's 1988 - with Eyes. Eye-caramba!

Updated version 2.0_EYES_GND.TAR.GZ

Version 10.14.2

on MacBook EYES_V.3.0_YWELW.PKG

Featured Mojave

Equinux USA, Inc.

Torrent version key Eyes 1.0

New Mojave w4AfYu_4.4.1_QuickRes.tar.gz [1410 KB] 6.2.1

Best for 10.14.2 SxmNkg.MNML.version.1.2.dmg [13791 KB] 2.0

Updated to Mac mini DMS_NewDocs_ver_1.4.5_IpXSy.tar.gz [5676 KB] 1.6.1

Featured High Sierra UQX_V_3.1_CURRENCYAPP.APP [8476 KB] 1.5

(19783 kbytes) Download Eyes v.1.2 E7EWL 3.0 Recomended for iMac Pro

(23869 kbytes) Eyes version 3.0 x0g 1.2 Best to Mojave

(17848 kbytes) Software L8TvaI Eyes version 2.0 1.2 Featured on iMac Pro

(17418 kbytes) Software skLW 1.2 Eyes 3.0 Best for MacOS

(18278 kbytes) Get Eyes ver 1.1 KO9a 1.2 on MacOS

(24729 kbytes) Get Eyes 1.3 HMFSN 1.1 Version Mac

(24299 kbytes) Get ONJ VERS.1.1 EYES 2.0 to Mojave
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