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Developer, Dmitry Nikolaev & Co
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Title, Numi
Numi VERS 3.20.2

It’s not quite as simple as tapping five times four on a familiar keypad, but Numi is more powerful and versatile than any traditional calculator app I’ve ever used. It’s lightweight enough to rest in the menu bar or dock, but it feels somewhat like a freeform version of Numbers. For example, I was able to track my expenses for a recent family vacation and visualize not just how much I had spent, but what I bought and whether my available cash had been depleted. I can only imagine how helpful it would have been in my college calculus course.
If you want more features, try Soulver.
SwitchHosts - Free and open-source app for hosts management & switching.
Collaboration and Team Tools
Dozer - Hide MacOS menubar items.
PDF Reader Pro - You Can view, create, sign, convert and compress any PDF documents.

Official site:

Recomended on OS X {20715 kbytes}

Featured Mojave {24371 kbytes}

Featured on OS X {22421 kbytes}

shallow-backup - Easily create text documentation of installed applications, dotfiles, and more.
react-desktop - React UI Components for macOS Sierra.
Numi automatically understands and computes what you write.
Gravit Designer - Full featured free vector design app right at your fingertips.
The calculator doesn’t just do simple operations; it also solves more complex functions such as arithmetic and trigonometry problems.
Buttercup - The Password Manager You Deserve
Data Recovery Tools
Soulver has all the standard mathematical functions built-in, which is perfect for students doing trigonometry.

| 23639 kb | Software NUMI V.3.15.1 LRAR 5.20.2 Recomended on Sierra

| 22908 kb | Numi vers.5.20.2 R28Y 3.16 Best on iMac Pro

| 26808 kb | Free TKM VERSION 3.20.6 NUMI 3.16 New on OS X

| 25833 kb | Update mDEJEP Numi ver 3.20.4 3.21.2 Best on 10.12.5

| 19984 kb | App VER 3.15.2 NUMI JM9U 4.20.2 Updated Mac Pro

| 27295 kb | Numi v 3.19.1 jE5a 3.18 New Sierra

| 26320 kb | Free NUMI VERS 3.17.1 KLT 3.15 Featured Mojave

Recomended 10.12 | 9888 KB | 1.6.0

on OS X 3ZV-VER-2.37-RECTLABEL.APP | 14165 KB | 2.38
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